Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lets Get Stitched - Basket Weave Scarf

Earlier this winter I was planning on making a basket-weave patterned baby blanket. Since I was working without a pattern I decided to knit a small sample before starting the actual project, and it ended up becoming my new favorite scarf.

This was made using Red Heart brand worsted weight acrylic color 374 Country Rose and #7 bamboo needles.

I achieved the raised texture by using a twisted knit stitch, which I hope, Lord willing, to demonstrate here in a future post.

What have you stitched this week? Blog about it and link up over at Blueberry Cottage.


  1. Jessica that is simply stunning! I love it and wish someone would knit one for me..LOL!

  2. ps..I hope you'll share a tutorial on that stitch. This would make a lovely Christmas gift.

    1. I get together with a group of ladies on Wednesday nights to knit. If I can remember to bring my video camera one of these weeks I'll do a video tutorial. Sometimes it's hard to adequately explain a stitch without seeing it too :-) It is super easy to do, the hardest part is not accidentally reverting back to a normal knit stitch.


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